Customer Owned Equipment


Do you need service and/or supplies for your company owned equipment?

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Case Study – Large office Sydney CBD

Does your coffee machine need some TLC? Always breaking down or the coffee it produces simply doesn’t taste good?

A large accountants firm recently approached us with the intention of replacing their coffee machines in four kitchens. After consultation with us it was established that they had only purchased their units three years previously. During this time, they hadn’t carried out Preventative Maintenance on the equipment. In fact, they hadn’t carried out any maintenance other than calling the same coffee company time after time to ‘repair’ the equipment at huge cost each time they visited AND the coffee never tasted any better after they had left the machine in supposed ‘working order’.

As a result of our wealth of information and accumulated years of experience, we knew the machines they owned were quality units manufactured in Switzerland. Understandably the customer and their staff had lost all faith in the equipment and simply wanted the ‘headache’ removed.

With some convincing by us, our customer allowed us to prove what we knew about the units and what they could produce in terms of quality and reliability. We removed one of the units back to our workshop and carried out a full PM as per the manufacturers recommendations. We then returned the unit to their offices and held a ‘taste clinic’ with a few members of staff (fine tuning the grind and expression time as we went) until such time as we had their staff back on side again. After comprehensive training on how to look after the unit we left it with them so their staff could continue to regain confidence in the equipment. The whole project was a success and after we carried out servicing on the remaining three units we now have a very happy client with even happier staff!